Erin Likes To Read: Volume 2

16 Oct

I have to admit, sometimes I like a little fluff on my reading shelf. A few weeks ago I was hanging out at a friend’s house when I spotted these lovely, shiny, tiny hardcover books on her shelf. The bright colors just made me want to reach out and touch them. Hmm….I guess a book’s cover does make a difference.

My good friend kindly lent me all 12 books in the Daughters of the Moon series. So far I have read the first 4 and I am definitely hooked.

The Info:

Daughters of the Moon Series
by: Lynne Ewing

The Series:

The Daughters of the Moon series follows  4 Los Angeles teenagers with less-than-normal powers. Vanessa makes herself invisible, occasionally at inappropriate times like when kissing her boyfriend. Catty can travel back and forth in time. Serena can read your mind. Jimena gets premonitions.

With the help of kind, retired school teacher Maggie, the girls find each other and learn they are the chosen Daughters of the Moon. These girls were selected by the moon goddess Selene to help protect humanity from the evil Atrox and his followers.

The catch…at 17, the girls have to choose to give back their powers and loose all memories of them, or disappear.

Dramatic stuff, y’all.

Book #1:

The Goddess of the Night

Vanessa’s too busy dealing with her feelings for Michael, trying to control her invisibility and dealing with her time-skipping best friend Catty to really focus on being a Daughter of the Moon. Slowly, she’s drawn into a battle against the Atrox’s followers in order to protect her power and save the missing Catty.

Book #2:

Into the Cold Fire

Not only does Serena have to try to disprove Jimena’s premonition that she walks into the Atrox’s cold fire and betrays the Daughters of the Moon, she’s losing things. Time, her memories….things just aren’t adding up for Serena. Neither does her developing feelings for Atrox follower, Stanton.

Book #3:

Night Shade

Jimena’s afraid she’s seeing ghosts, but if goddesses are real, ghosts could be too right? She’s been seeing her dead-boyfriend Veto everywhere. Also, the world is full of earthquake thunder, which signifies the coming of the Atrox, according to Maggie. Can she keep Veto in her life without inviting evil?

Book #4:

The Secret Scroll

Catty was found by her adoptive mom at age 6, walking along a desert highway. So why is the medical examiner’s office calling her to come identify her birth mother’s body? More importantly, Catty finds out some secrets about her life and comes into possession of the key to defeating the Atrox. Is is possible for her to protect a kidnapped Vanessa and defeat evil?

Are they worth it?

These books are cheesy for sure, but I am definitely  a fan thus far. They are quick, easy reads and a definite guilty pleasure. While it’s long pass summer beach reading season, these are great for curling up with a cup of tea.


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