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Yes, I know, I am all over the place…

14 Jun

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Guess is a big shock! I, Erin, am starting yet another endeavor. I know, I know…I hardly post here at all anymore and when I do I always seem to be announcing something I don’t follow through with.

More than anything, I think this past year has really been one about growth and strength for me. I have done more soul-searching since last summer than I think I have in year. I truly know what my direction is in life now, and I am working hard to make that happen.

In my bio, it says “devouring books at breakneck speed” which is so true. I am not me if I am not traveling somewhere with a book (or my Kindle). So, as a result, I am relaunching a book-review blog. Ironically, when I decided to get back into blogging about a year and a half ago, it was the first thing I did.

I just don’t think I have been really committed to any sort of blogging lately. But, half-way through this year of self discovery, I am trying to get in the habit of blogging more often, being more honest and really sharing myself with you. I have been lucky enough to make some really amazing connections from this blogging world. I truly believe some of the people I have met just through stumbling across their sites and leaving comments are growing into the people I want to be friends with forever. This community is truly amazing and its something I want to be apart of. 

So, like other things I am realizing are priorities these days, I need to put blogging back on this list.  Maybe it seems sort of counter intuitive to announce a new blogging venture as I sit and say I need to devote more time to this one, but for me it makes sense.  I always did have to do everything backward.

I have some new and exciting things in the works, stuff I really can’t wait to share with everyone, but I need to devote some more time to “making it work” before I can launch into another announcement. So, for now… I leave you with my new book review blog: Chick Lit: Those Are Dirty Words.

I hope to update there at least once a week, though it may be every two weeks if it takes me awhile to finish my next book. I am always on the look out for something great, so please send me your recommendations, or leave me comments. Comments are always appreciated!