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Where Am I Now?

27 May

On this new Fit for 30 journey, I am not as far along as I would like to be at this point. No excuses, but being stuck in bed for six days did nothing to help. So, this week, I am committing myself to shaking off the last of the illness and tackling the lingering physical weakness.

The plan: Beginner’s Yoga

Check out my Fit For 30 story, here.


Love Drop–Jill

24 Jan

Source: PhotoXpress

I am proud to be able to annouce that I have joined the Love Drop movement! This amazing organization aims to help ordinary people change the the world by giving back to our peers and fellow citizens.

Once a month, I will be donating my little corner of the blogosphere to highlight that month’s love drop target. I hope you will all join me in spreading the word and making someone’s life a little brighter.

For January we are all love-dropping in on Jill, whose life has seen it’s share of hard times. Still, she tries to live as a giver. Its an amazing philosophy really.

Meet Jill…

How Can You Help?

You can join Love Drop by becoming a member for as little as $1 per month. Or you can join the blogging network, and post monthly posts like this one to help spread awareness. Also, the folks at Love Drop are accepting gifts to give to that month’s spotlighted family.

So lets get involved and brighten someone’s life.

Water, Water Everywhere

15 Oct

Here in the lovely U.S of A we take access to clean, fresh water for granted. Take a moment to think about all of the different ways you utilize water in your daily life.

  • Morning coffee
  • Laundry
  • Pasta for dinner
  • A few drinks throughout the day
  • Washing your hands

The list goes on and on…everyday, each person in America uses water in more ways than many of us even realize.

Today, October 15th, marks the Blog Action Day 2010 and this years topic…




What is Blog Action Day?

An opportunity of all of us bloggers to raise our voices together to bring awareness to a selected topic.

Why Water?

  • Nearly 1 billion of the world’s citizens do not have access to clean water.
  • Approximately 38,000 children under age 5 die due a lack of clean drinking water, each week.
  • In July, the United Nations determined that access to clean drinking water was truly a human right.

What To Do?

Many of you may be wondering how 1 person can make an actual difference. You can make it happen by lending your voice to the cause. Join Blog Action Day 2010 and join the discussion. Raise awareness, voice your thoughts.

Personally, my words are the only weapon I have. I grew up believing that people should all have access to things that keep us healthy. Of course we must work hard, contribute and live our lives. But water? Yes, that is something we all need and we all DESERVE.

I know this post is a departure from my normal blogging agenda here at Erin Makes It Work. But, I vowed when I started this thing to blog about the things that warm my heart. I am now expanding that vow to include the things that spark something in me, push me or move me to tears.

Let Us Do Something!

There are two simple things you can do right now to help.

Head on over to the Blog Action Day website and add your signature to the petition. This petition works with UNICEF and the UN to show public awareness and support for legislation giving all people access to clean water.

Stop by and educate yourself about the water crisis and ways to help. also provides an opportunity for people to donate to the cause and learn about well digging projects going on throughout the world. Educate yourself and help raise your voice.

Are you participating in Blog Action Day 2010?

Let me know, and I’ll provide a linkup here.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my voice!