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Creating a Community

19 Apr

Source: Photoxpress.com

Today’s social commentary inspiration comes from some fairly recent posts by Marian Schembari and Andrea of Paper Sparrow on the concept of plagiarism and imitation. Now, while the two girls differ slightly on their stances, I think they are both spot on.
We, as a 20 and 30 something generation, have this unique opportunity to create a world that is unlike any created by previous generations. With Twitter, Facebook, blog communities and just a general preference for social media, has allowed us to enter adulthood with a forum for creating global communities.
We are able to connect with others who share our passions, goals, hobbies and interests with just a few clicks of a mouse. I honesty believe the majority of us who truly relish this opportunity and the ability to build connections. We create friendships and business relationships with people who mean so much to us, despite the fact they may currently reside on the other side of the world, and we would likely have never connected without the internet and its ability to bridge geographical gaps.
Still, for all of us that are doing the right thing, there are people who “participate” in the social community by taking their ideas from others. So, where do we draw the line. What’s the difference between taking inspiration from another post (like I have done here) and stealing someone’s ideas?
I am truly interested in what you all have to say on this topic. But first, I am going to offer you my two cents, and my hopes for how the internet and social media platforms will continue to evolve.
My hope is that we are living in a society where the things we would check off on a demographic survey no longer serve as a method for highlighting our differences, but present us with the opportunity to learn from one of us. Let’s build a community where we engage in regular, passionate conversations as our ideas, inspirations and interests continue to overlap.
Keep it simple. If someone inspired your post, or the art you create, or even a new hobby, say so. Shout it from the rooftops that this person kicks ass and provided you with some awesome food for thought. Invite others to talk about it.
Wouldn’t the world be a happier, more unified place if we all chose to work together, learn from one another and engage in spirited conversations? I certainly believe so,and I do not believe I am alone in those thoughts.
So, who inspires you? What have you learned lately? What do you think about plagiarism and inspiration? Where do we draw the line? Chime in, and let’s get this conversation going.