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I Have a Secret (from a stylist)

3 Mar


So, it should not (but probably is) be a secret that I am completely obsessed with home design shows and could pretty much spend the entire day watching HGTV if someone would let me.

Since the blog is now going to be all about things that bring me joy, I am going to share more of my favorites. So stay tuned for future posts about Curb Appeal: the Block, Income Property, Dear Genevieve and the Antonio Treatment.

For now, I am going to focus on the new show by Design Star winner, Emily Henderson called Secrets of a Stylist. On last season of Design Star, I was on Team Emily from the very beginning, despite her slow start. After the winner was crowned, I watched the preview of SOFAS with glee, and I’ve been waiting patiently for the new season to come out since that time.

So, the season began with the super cute couple Hilary and Bobby and their very empty living room.

copyright: HGTV

Emily took them through a fun little game she calls the “style diagnostic”. They had to pick fabrics for each other, glassware items and shelf display items. Then they each had to pick an inspiration outfit for the other.

Emily then took all this information and put together unique style descriptions from their “style diagnostic.”

Emily diagnoses Hillary as Hollywood Regency–defined by glitz, glamour and classic items. Bobby is given the Country Club Chic diagnoses meaning he likes things a bit more relaxed, upscale but with a weekend vibe, old world pieces and quality construction.

The makeover portion of the show begins with Emily making over the room in a Hollywood Regency style and allowing Hillary and Bobby to critique the space.

copyright: HGTV

Hilary loves the space, but does wish it had a bit more of a relaxing vibe and place to watch television. Bobby likes some things but feels the overall look is too feminine.  So, Emily goes to work adding Country Club Chic to the Hollywood base.

copyright: HGTV

Meet, Hollywood Country Club and add two satisfied clients to Miss Emily’s list.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and while the finished space is not exactly my taste, I can see that Emily was truly able to blend their styles. I adored the honesty of the show and how Emily responded. My only compliant was that it was a little slow in places. I will definitely be tuning for the next episode.

Also, Emily blogs and she’s super cute. So, check it out.