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A Thank You to a Beloved Influence

17 Jan
Source: The Seattle Times

In large part, this man largely influenced by belief on race. I was luckily enough to be born some-20 years after the start of King’s Civil Rights Movement. I grew up in the South, at a time when segregation was something our grandparents talked about and something our parents vaguely remembered.

My entire life, I grew up in a world where I truly believed the color of someone’s skin did not matter. I still believe that. I am not going to sit here and tell you that I don’t sometimes feel uncomfortable around a certain person, without knowing them, but its about their demeanor and attitude.

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X and so many others fought long and hard to be treated like equal humans. I would like to believe that had I been my age now, during the Civil Rights Movement that I would have marched alongside them, but I do not know.
Still, I wish for the ability to time travel, or write letters to the dead. I would just like to say this…
Dear Dr. King,
You did not fight and die in vain. While things here in 2011 are not perfect, you words, your wisdom and your actions have made a difference. As a child, I loved learning about you and the others instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement.
Honestly, as much as I loved the stories and the history, I did not understand it. How could a country which fought to free itself from British tryanny then judge people because of skin color? It made no sense to my five year old brain, and it makes no sense to my 27 year old brain.
For some of us, what you fought for is now ingrained in who we are. We live our lives where we believe people are equal. Thank you for your sacrifice, allowing me to live in this world.
I leave you with this quote, the motto of Key West, Florida.
“We are all equal members of one human family.”