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What I Want…

9 Mar

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Once again, I am taking today’s inspiration from Nikki over at the Grateful Sparrow. I just read her post about figuring out what you want out of life and just going for it. Between her post and J. Money’s insanely awesome advice at Budgets Are Sexy, I am realizing that my number one priority needs to be finding some financial stability.

Confession: I am not very good with money.

The problem is that I know how to make a budget, but sticking to it is difficult. I spend too much on unnecessary things like snacks. Rising gas prices have blown my gas budget all to hell. So, it’s time to regroup. Find some balance (does anyone else sense a recurring theme around here?)

The Plan: 

Make a new budget, a realistic one. Work with my wife to keep ourselves in check and be held accountable to that budget. Prioritize things like building a savings account and paying off some debt over unnecessary things that nickel and dime our budget, blowing holes in the side of our ship.

In other words, live up to my blog identity and make it work!  So this is the new plan. Now, I just need to implement, because we all know what they say about the best laid plans.

The saddest part of this whole story is that I work for myself. I can write as much (or as little) as I want. Its up to me to put the time, effort and energy into my career and make it pay off. Again, it’s about balance.

I am stronger than this girl who has been living paycheck to paycheck for many years, unable to get ahead. I’m smarter than that. So, I am taking control. From this point on, no more excuses.

It’s time to:

1. Pay bills on time
2. Pay myself vacation and sick time
3. Build an emergency and savings fund
4. Pay off debt
5. Find stable ground to begin rebuilding my credit.

I know none of this will be easy, but if I make it a priority in my life, it will happen. It can happen. It has to happen.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

Have any awesome financial advice? Please share.