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New Directions

24 Aug

Sometimes you start something with the best of intentions, and then you realize your dreams are spinning you into something else. That is the case with my little corner of the blogging world here. I have started and stopped many blogs in my day, which is awful I know. But this is where I belong, here in my little wordpress heaven. When I originally launched Erin Makes It Work a few weeks ago, I just wanted it to feature my adventures in the kitchen. Now, I am realizing that the reason I focus my freelance articles on Home and Garden topics is because I want to be a housewife of 1950s glory, only with modern sensibilities and a liberal, feminist attitude. Social JUSTICE for all!

So I find myself walking a new path today…

And I’m kind of loving it. So while Erin Makes It Work will still be bringing you simple solutions in the kitchen, I will also focus on all things home, entertaining and craft related. It’s really where my passion is, and I should feature it here. Also, I’d love my readers to get to know the girl behind the blog a bit better.